About AcropolisofAthens.gr

The Acropolis of Athens is the symbol of World Heritage (UNESCO, ref. 404, document 2006 Periodic Reporting). The conceptual restoration of the monument through the reunification of the Parthenon and other Acropolis sculptures in the Acropolis Museum in Athens is currently the ultimate act of antiquity conservation awaiting action. This year, with the celebration of the 40th anniversary of World Heritage by the international community, the necessity of the reunification becomes even more evident. It is a matter of ethics, vision and common sense. AcropolisofAthens.gr is a web-based initiative that aims to raise public awareness of the seizure of ancient sculptures from the Acropolis and promote their reunification in the Acropolis Museum in Athens. AcropolisofAthens.gr has grown to a major information portal about the Acropolis of Athens, attracting research and tourist queries from around the world. Building on its powerful message for art integrity and World Heritage preservation, in 2010 the website had 40,000 visitors, while in 2011 the website's exposure peaked at 65,000 visitors from 27 countries. AcropolisofAthens.gr ranks in the Top 10 hits on Google for the search term 'acropolis’ and has been mentioned in international press including USA TODAY, TIME, The Telegraph, the Secretariat General of Communication - Secretariat General of Information of the Hellenic Republic, and The National Radio and Television Broadcasting Company in Greece. -- Put the best of science, art and philosophy together in one creation and you have the definitive monument of human civilisation. UNESCO calls it the symbol of World Heritage. The world calls it the Athenian Acropolis! AcropolisofAthens.gr - one monument, one heritage Website: www.AcropolisofAthens.gr Facebook: www.facebook.com/AcropolisofAthens.gr Twitter: www.twitter.com/AcropolisAthens Google+: https://plus.google.com/101611211585947280047/posts Please visit AcropolisofAthens.gr and contribute your own writing, photo or artistic creation in support of the reunification of the Acropolis sculptures in Athens! It is your contribution that makes the difference.

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